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Trade Show Displays

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Transform your next trade show booth with exquisite banners, backdrops, table covers and much more. Update your business cards with current info and a catchy logo that vendors are sure to remember.

Get started today by choosing some items from our versatile trade show product line. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 320-965-9300.

Trade Show Sample Products

custom vinyl banners Vinyl Banners
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Banner Stands Banner Stands
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Table Covers Table Covers
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Fabric Flags Fabric Flags
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Decals Decals
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Custom Posters Custom Posters
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Business Cards Business Cards
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Retractable Banners Retractable Banners
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Vinyl Banners

The most popular banner choice, spruce up your trade show booth with a vibrant new vinyl banner. They’re available in a glossy or matte finish and many different sizes. 

Banner Stands

Banner stands pair well with almost all of our trade show display products. They are easy to move around, which is great for transporting to and from trade shows. They also offer many different ways to display banners.

Table Covers

Most trade show booths have a table or two, so table covers are going to be a staple. They can be used decoratively with images printed on them, or used very simply to show off your updated business cards or some stylish vinyl decals.

Fabric Flags

Be creative with our custom fabric flags! Our flags are versatile in size and shape, so the sky's the limit—it’s up to your imagination. Flags are a great display tool because they’re mobile and easily visible.


Our customizable decals offer many options and solutions for unique brand and logo placement on the move.

Custom Posters

We offer custom posters for all projects great and small. Whether it is a local promotional event or a huge trade show, our custom posters will come in handy.

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What types of trade show products do you offer?

  • Banner Stands
    • Our banner stands are excellent trade show display aids. .Available in A-Frame, X-Stand, Tripod, Retractor, and many more, our diverse banner stands give you the freedom to display your messaging however you want.
  • Table Covers
    • Our custom table covers come in several options. 
      • The Full Color Fitted Table cover is offered in 4’, 6’ & 8’ and they are printed using dye sublimation, that is to say, instead of sitting on top of the material, the color sublimates through the fabric producing an aesthetically pleasing result.
      • Another great table cover option is our Full-color table throws. Our table throws come in 4’, 6’ & 8” and can be printed on 3 or 4 sides. They’re a great way to easily display your brand or a snazzy photo. 
      • If you don’t need to cover the entire table, or you want to quickly change up your covering, then our Full-Color Table Runners are ideal. Pair your runner with a blank table throw as a background to accentuate your brand or logo. 
  • Backdrops
    • Digitally  printed on lightweight 13 oz vinyl or 18 oz vinyl, our step and repeat banners or backdrops are easy to pack up and move to the next trade show. Create the best trade show booth ambiance and also be prepared for any photo ops with a custom backdrop.
  • Business Cards 
    • Petite, but powerful, the business card is a nifty info delivery tool. Our professional business cards come in the standard 2’x 3.5”. We have artwork templates available, but you can also upload your own design..Vector files, .eps (Adobe Illustrator) work best, but we can also print high-resolution .pdf or .jpg files.
  • Retractable Banners
    • We offer a variety of banners for multiple uses, but for trade shows we definitely recommend retractable banners. These banners are diverse in size and capability. They vary in size from tabletop to jumbo and work well as visual aids.
  • Flags
    • Our custom fabric flags give you the ability to advertise just about anywhere at the trade show. Guide people to your booth with your own design or choose from one of our awesome templates. 

How long will it take to get my trade show products?

We offer 5 different shipping options:

  • Economy (5-15 Business Days)
  • Standard (3-5 Business Days)
  • Three Day (3 Business Days)
  • Two Days (2 Business Days)
  • Overnight (1 Business Day)

Can I use trade show display products outdoors?

Some of our trade show materials can be dual-purpose for indoor and outdoor use. It really depends on the material: 13 oz, 18 oz extra heavy-duty custom vinyl banners, our backdrops and our mesh banners are all suitable for outdoor use.

Just keep in mind that properly used, stored and maintained products will last longer indoors and outdoors.

What are the most commonly used trade show products?

  • Our most common trade show display is the retractable banner.
    • One of many great benefits to these is that they are fully mobile, easily picked up and moved. 
    • Another great thing about retractable banners is that they’re customizable. You can upload your own artwork, choose from our templates or work with a designer.
  • Step and repeat banners are also very popular. 
    • Backdrops set the background theme for your booth. Set the tone with a classy, cool color scheme or a fun and zippy one.
    • They’re a built-in photo backdrop allowing any photo opportunities to subtly show off your logo.
  • Almost every trade show booth has a table to cover, so it just follows that you’ll likely require a table covering or table runner.
    • Think of a table covering as the backdrop to your swag. Illuminate your creative business cards, decals, hats, coffee mugs or bumper stickers.
    • A table runner offers a cleaner, more narrow presentation of your information. They are great for displaying moderate amounts of products.
  • Use our custom flag maker to design your own custom trade-show flag, perfect for outdoor events or large exhibition halls. 



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