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The Recipe for a Great Trade Show Booth

By Naomi Myrick


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Build Upon the Base
  3. Add a Colorful Table Runner
  4. Create Ambiance with a Backdrop
  5. Blend in Retractors & Flags
  6. Add a Dash of Decals
  7. Conclusion


Tablecloths aren’t just reserved for your special Thanksgiving dinner place setting—or attempting to impress the in-laws—but table linens and covers also serve important roles in the business world: chiefly for Trade Show Displays
Like how a fancy meal builds off the table setting, your trade show booth builds from your table covering
Eye-catching exhibit designs can be achieved with ease by mixing many of our display products together. Trade show booths are hardly modern art. So, a plain table with some business cards neatly stacked on it is not going to cut it—entrepreneurial types expect far more effort than that! 
The key to creating a great exhibit is to use the right display ingredients together, in the right proportions. Large retailers often hire specialists to design and face store displays. These design experts are masterful at staging successful swimsuit sales in April or pushing Halloween Candy in August. These combinations shouldn't work and can irk a lot of people, yet somehow, they continue to generate profit. 
Use the following ideas to cook up a nicely designed and uniquely flavored trade show booth. 


Build upon the Base 

The table is the foundation, and it also establishes the tone and color scheme for the whole display.
Table covers provide a velvety, rich color background for merchandise, business cards and gift cards. Product and service pamphlets and freebie logo pens are also cleanly featured on these covers.
At one point in history, everyone agreed that humankind was the center of the cosmos. Many things in life really do begin in the center, like painting a room or making soup. Think of building a delicious stew from a basic soup base, adding different seasonings to enhance the flavor. That is exactly what you do with your booth. 
So, when designing your booth, start with your solid color table cover, and sprinkle in runners, flags and our many other products.


Add a Colorful Table Runner

Covers and runners are both printed using dye-sublimation, infusing the color right into the fabric. This printing technique makes graphics and photographs really come to life. The table cover is an excellent solid background for your table runner images to pop. 
The runner also helps accentuate the other features of your booth, so incorporate the same color palette into your retractor banners and flags for a cohesive look. 

Create Ambiance with a Backdrop

Backdrops, formally known as step-and-repeat banners, make wonderful scenery for the overall booth. You’ve likely seen these banners used as a backdrop during television interviews, red-carpet photo ops and many other events. These backdrops feature repeating designs or logos throughout the overall banner. It is a sneaky way to reinforce your branding and immortalize your logo in photographs or videos. 


Blend in Retractors & Flags

Attract traffic from the trade show floor by using different banner stands and presentations. Mini-retractor banners are perfect for tabletop displays, while larger retractors are ideal for hard-to-ignore, people-sized, pop-up displays. 
Fabric flags are easy to relocate, show vibrant colors and quickly draw attention. These custom flags are an excellent way to generate interest for your booth in other areas of the show. 

Add a Dash of Decals

Make your logo even more impactful and work smarter for you by printing it on some custom decals or stickers. There are very few perks of attending trade shows, besides an employer-funded adult field trip. One definite bonus of going to trade shows is all the free swag you can collect! By mass distributing your custom business decals and stickers throughout the tradeshow, your logo will travel much further than you, stuck in your booth.



Trade show exhibiting is often a necessary event in the business realm. Make the best of it by designing an attractive exhibit booth that you and other exhibitors will —albeit begrudgingly—enjoy. Remember to build from the base, add complimentary runners, and sprinkle in other trade show products.  
In addition to your snazzy retractor banners and stylish flags, keep in mind that people are mainly visiting your booth to engage with an actual human and ask you what you have to offer. 
If you need assistance with your trade show display products, our expert and friendly design team is happy to help. 


Naomi Myrick

Marketing Generalist

Naomi is a content creator and marketing generalist at She has a diverse background in sales and customer service, but her real passion has always been writing. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN. and is a recent transplant to central MN. Naomi enjoys fishing, hiking and loves hockey. 


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