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Pole Banners

Custom 2-Sided Pole Banners

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How to Install a Double Sided Pole Banner on our Wind Deflecting Hardware Video

How to Install a Double Sided  Pole Banner on our Standard Hardware Video

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More About Light Pole Banners

Pole banners are commonly used for cities and schools to welcome people to their town, university or school. They're great for holiday or seasonal events, homecoming at your school or sharing your town's slogan. Businesses can also use pole banners in front of their business to attract potential customers! 

Pole banners are printed double-sided with pole pockets on both the top and bottom and are typically displayed on light poles using a bracket system. 

Line the streets of your city with vibrant pole banners. Printed on your choice of durable 13 oz. premium matte vinyl or 18 oz heavy duty matte vinyl material attached to any pole, your street pole banners will be noticed by everyone.

We specialize in all kinds of custom banners for outdoor display! You can choose as many colors, images or text as you like to create the design you need. These light pole banners are waterproof, and UV-resistant to protect your graphics during any outdoor season.

Want help designing an effective pole banner? Work with our graphic designers on a custom, professional design, or check out our article with our top 10 pole banner design tips and tricks!

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What are Pole Banners?

Pole Banners are typically displayed on street and light posts on main streets, boulevards, and avenues in cities and on high school or college campuses. They are commonly used for seasonal promotions and events including city celebrations, 4th of July events, parades, rodeos, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. Combine them with custom-made flags for outdoor branding all over town. 

What type of material do you print Pole Banners on?

You can choose between our 13 oz premium matte vinyl or 18 oz heavy duty matte vinyl material. The most popular material is our 13 oz premium matte vinyl, but if you are looking for something a bit more durable our 18 oz heavy duty vinyl material is for you. 

Do your Pole Banners have a matte or glossy finish?

Our Pole Banners are made with a matte finish. If you would like a glossier signage option, our custom Vinyl Banners have many options for glossiness.

What sizes are available for your street Pole Banners?

When choosing the product options for your Pole Banners, you will have the option to choose the height and width of your Pole Banner. The height options range from 12” to 96”, the width options range from 12” to 36”, and everything in between.

What is the most standard Pole Banner size?

There are three standard Pole Banner sizes. The first is the smaller 18” x 30” size banner, the middle 24” x 36” banner, and the larger 30” x 72” light Pole Banner.

Do your Pole banners come with pole pockets? If so, what sizes do you offer?

Yes, our street lamp Pole Banners come with pole pockets. The pole pockets are 3” and are located at both the top and bottom of the Pole Banner.
Be aware that these 3” pole pockets can hold a maximum 1 ¼” diameter Pole.

Can I order just replacement banners or just the hardware?

Yes! You have the option to buy both replacement banners and replacement hardware. You can choose to replace your hardware with the Standard Bracket System for banners up to 24”, or the Wind Deflecting Hardware for anything larger. If you already have your Pole Banner hardware, you can also order just a replacement Banner. Just select “none” when choosing if you want Pole Banner Hardware with your order.

Can I track my product shipment?

Yes! We update the status of your product order every step of the way with our Live Order Tracking system. Once we ship your product, you can track the delivery with the provided UPS tracking number.

Installation & Product Care FAQs

What are some common uses for Pole Banners?

Our Pole Banners are most commonly used for city events and celebrations. These banners are great for any type of celebration; graduations, seasonal holidays, sporting events, etc. These pole banners are perfect for including people in on the holiday cheer.

Will my Pole Banner’s color fade from exposure to the sun?

Our street lamp Pole Banners are made from UV-resistant material, so they are quite protected in any outdoor setting. But, as with anything that is left in the sun for an extended period of time, it will eventually fade from the sun.

How do I install my pole banner?

Light Pole Banners are intended to be used with adjustable commercial hardware. This video link will go step-by-step in teaching you how to install our Pole Banners. We offer two different hardware options: Standard Bracket System (we recommend this hardware is only used up to 24” as any larger size should use our Wind Deflecting hardware) and Wind Deflecting Bracket System.

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