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Custom flags are the perfect way to add an unforgettable display to your storefront, big event, or celebration. From extra-large 17-feet tall feather flags to smaller, more standard 3x5 feet flags, we offer a wide selection to suit your application needs.

Get started on your order today by selecting your preferred dimensions, quantity, and additional flag design options. From there, you can upload your artwork, work with one of our professional, in-house designers, or start designing with a free template using our custom flag maker to create high-quality, personalized flags.

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Here at, we've made it our mission to deliver beautiful custom flags that you can't wait to hang. That's why we take great care in our craft, always focus on getting the small details right, and work closely with our customers to help bring their vision to reality while providing the best custom flag printing service possible. 

With our advanced direct dye sublimation printing process, our flags print with vibrant, eye-catching colors that will grab the attention of all who walk or drive past. All custom flags are printed on a high-quality polyester-nylon material that’s suitable for outdoor hanging locations as well.

You can get started on your display with one of our free templates, design your own flag with our easy-to-use online designer, upload your own artwork, or have one of our professional designers create the finished product for you. All flags can be printed single or double-sided, with pole pockets or grommets, and we also offer hanging accessories to aid installation.

We’re the trusted experts in custom flags and banners. Our streamlined ordering process and quick order fulfillment ensure that your flags arrive on time and under budget. Click below to get started today and add an eye-catching flag to your next event.

5 reasons you should order a custom made flag from

  1. Our flag printing is done with advanced direct dye sublimation that creates vibrant colors that pop!
  2. Weather-resistant.
  3. Simple to install and work well for advertising your business.
  4. Different shapes and sizes to choose from – 7-foot Feather (Razor) Flags to 15-foot Tear Drop Flags.
  5. Easy design methods! Start from scratch, use one of our pre-made templates or work with one of our professional graphic designers.

Which custom printed flag is right for me?

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We have four solid custom flag options for both commercial and personal use. But which flag you choose is important to both how many eyes are drawn to the flag and the information that is displayed on the flag.

Our standard 3x5 flags are good for displaying a single image or logo. These flags are good for leaving a single, unified image in the brains of everyone who looks at it.

Our custom tear drop flags widen the possibilities by having enough room to show a single image and title. Great for displaying your company name with your most recognizable product.

Feather flags, also known as razor flags, are great for displaying much more information than the standard or teardrop flags. Great for creating a sharp and informational display.

And rectangle flags are the best way to display the most amount of information. Rectangle flags are neat and orderly, making them ideal for displaying crucial information in an easily digestible fashion.

Standard 3x5 Flags

The tried and true standard 3 x 5 flag will always be sure to grab attention. These flags are great for anything on the beach or ocean (standard issue pirate flag). These flags are also great for hanging outside of your house, marking your piece of land.

Feather Flags

Commonly known as razor flags, feather flags are striking and will cut through the mess to deliver your message. Use these flags to accompany any of your grand opening events or to advertise a promotion you are running. For personal use, these flags can boost any birthday, wedding, or graduation event. Go above and beyond, make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows what to celebrate.

Tear Drop Flags

Tear drop flags are great for flapping in the wind and grabbing the attention of anyone passing or driving by. Great for marketing many kinds of products, services and events. From car washes to open houses, these flags are fantastic for many types of products or promotional events.

Rectangle Flags

For those who need to convey lots of information, look no further than our rectangle flags. Our rectangle flags are great for displaying lots of information in an easily digestible manner. Perfect for displaying all selling points at an open house event, or all the products and services offered at your grand opening.

Flag Design Templates - Download the Artwork Template to Create your Designs!

If you would like to design your own feather flags, you can download our template and upload it. We will check the artwork and send you a proof to verify that everything looks ok before we will send the order into production.

Tear Drop Flags - Custom Teardrop Flags   Tear Drop Flag Templates
6 foot Flag 20.75"W x 52.25"H Template
8 foot Flag 29.5" W x 66.3" H Template
11.5 foot Flag 38.5 W x 106.2" H Template
15 foot Flag 47" W x 156.1" H Template


Rectangle Flag Templates |   Rectangle Flag Templates
7 foot Flags 29"W x 60.75" H Template
10 foot Flags 29"W x 92.25"H Template
14.5 foot Flags 29.5"W x 148.75"H Template


Razor Flags - Custom Razor Flags |   Feather (Razor) Flag Templates
7 foot Flags 17.25"W x 61.75"H Template
foot Flags 26.5"W x 78.1"H Template
13 foot Flags 29.5"W x 124"H Template
17 foot Flags 33.5"W x 173.5"H Template


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How do I create custom flags?

We offer 3 ways to create and order your custom made flags. You can either use our online designer, upload your own artwork file, or work with a professional graphic designer.

Online Designer: Create your own design using our online design tool. Customize your banner with background, clipart images, text, or upload your own graphics

Upload a File: Upload your own artwork (.eps, .ai, .pdf, .jpg). For more information, check out the Product Info tab above.

Profesional Designer: Our team of professional graphic designers can create a custom design for you. Upload any artwork you want on your banner and provide instructions for us.

How do businesses use custom flags and banners?

Businesses commonly use custom flags to promote products, services, events, or to advertise open job positions. Custom flags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are easy to assemble and can be displayed either indoors or outdoors. The versatility and eye-catching nature of flags is why so many businesses love to use them when it comes to advertising and promoting their business. 

Some of our most popular custom flags that we sell to businesses are now open flags, grand opening flags, open house flags, marketing flags, advertising flags, and help wanted flags to name a few.

What material are your custom flags printed on?

All our flag products are printed on our flag fabric material using a direct dye sublimation print process. This material consists of a polyester nylon blend. All of our custom flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Making them a versatile sign option when it comes to advertising your business or event.  

Can my custom flag be displayed outdoors?

Yes! All our custom flags are printed on a durable polyester nylon blend flag material that is durable enough to be displayed outdoors. 

How long will my custom flags last?

With proper care and installation, our custom flags have an outdoor lifespan of 1+ years. We always recommend taking your flags down during inclement weather to help  increase its lifespan.

How are your custom flags printed?

All of our custom made flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink dyes the fabric material instead of being applied to the surface. This allows the flag material to act in its natural state rather than be weighed down or made more rigid with ink adhered to its surface. It also makes your flags more durable and easier to clean if they were to get dirty. Direct dye sublimation printing is an important factor  when it comes to designing and ordering custom flags online as it is the industry standard when it comes to flag printing.

Can I just order hardware or the flag print?

Yes, our flags can be ordered as hardware only or flag print only. If you are looking to order flag hardware only, these will have to be purchased as separate items. we offer the following bases for our flag banners: 3 leg economy base, 4 leg standard base, heavy duty cross foot base, and a spike base

If you are looking to order the flag print only, please select “No - (Flag Only)” when choosing your product options. 

Are these custom made flags single sided or double sided?

Our outdoor flags are available in either a single-reverse print or a double-sided print option. 

If you select single/reverse print, your design will print on one side of the flag and be a mirror image on the other side. This is due to us printing our flags using dye sublimation. This printing process actually dyes the flag material causing a thru-print on the opposite side of the flag. This reverse image will appear faded and any text will read backwards. 

If you select a double-sided print, your image/design will be printed on two separate pieces of flag and sewn together with a blackout liner in between to block any light from shining through. This option will show your flag design printed correctly on either side. Double sided flags are recommended for any text heavy design, due to the fact the print will read correctly (left to right) on either side of the custom flag. 

Do double sided flags have multiple layers of material?

Yes, our custom double sided flags consist of multiple layers of materials. When you choose this option we will print your flag design on two separate pieces of flag and sew them together with a blackout liner inbetween to prevent light from shining through. When you select to have your flag printed double sided your design will read correctly (left to right) from either side. 

What’s the difference between a standard 3 x 5 flag and a feather flag?

A standard 3x5 flag is similar to a US flag or a state flag, it is rectangular in shape and measures 3 feet high by 5 feet wide and commonly attached to a flag pole for display. Feather flags are a bit different as they have a more unique shape ( a feather) and require hardware to display them. They are commonly used for advertising along roadsides or in front of business as they display your full image regardless of it being windy or not, making them a great promotional or advertising flag option. 

Can I wash my custom flags?

Yes, since our flags our heat cured the ink is set into the fabric, making it machine washable. If you are ever in need of washing your custom flag, we recommend washing it on a light cycle with cold water. You can use detergent if you want, but do not use any detergent that includes bleach as this will ruin your custom flag. 

For drying we recommend air drying the flag. 


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