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Custom Mesh Banners

Durable Outdoor Mesh Banners

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Mesh Banners

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Due to the latest shipping regulations, all vinyl banners that exceed 8 feet in both directions will be folded for shipping. If you do not want your banners folded, please contact us to get a custom freight quote.

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Mesh banners are a durable outdoor signage type that makes use of a criss-crossed fiber pattern for maximum airflow. These banners are manufactured with a strong polyester material that’s UV and weather resistant. Perfect for windy locations and outdoor events, mesh banners are the ideal option for an eye-catching, outdoor sign that’s affordable and easy to install.

When deciding between a mesh banner and other options like custom vinyl banners or fabric banners, you have to consider the hanging location. You’ll most commonly see mesh banners displayed on fences at sporting events, construction sites, and storefronts. This is the ideal banner option for these wind susceptible locations. This is because the material design allows air to travel through the banner, thus greatly reducing the chances of it tearing.

Here at, we provide complete customization options for our customers. When you get started on your order, you can decide whether you want hems and grommets, hems only, pole pockets, or if you’d prefer your mesh banner cut to the edge. We also offer reinforcement options on hems and corners to increase durability and ensure your banner lasts for years. We also recommend adding ball bungees to your order for quick and easy installation.


Three Easy Ways to Order

Online Designer Create your own design using our online banner, sign and flag designer. Customize your banner with a background, clipart images, text or upload your own graphics.
Upload a File Upload your own artwork (.eps, .pdf, .jpg). For more information, check out the Product Info Tab above.
Professional Designer Our team of professional graphic designers are able to create a custom design for you. Upload any artwork you want on your banner and provide instructions for us.

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What material are your mesh banners made of?

Our mesh banner material is made of 8 oz. PVC polyester with a ratio of vinyl to holes at 70/30 which creates 37% airflow.

What is a mesh banner?

Mesh banners are hangable banners that have holes throughout to allow air to pass through without ripping or tearing the material. These banners are typically used in an outdoor setting, particularly on fences and scaffolding or anywhere that wind can pass through. The other types of banners we offer are the outdoor/indoor use vinyl banners and the exclusively indoor fabric banners.

How large or how small can my mesh banner be?

We are able to print mesh banners with a minimum width and height of 1’ and a maximum print width of 50’ and a height of 16’. All of this is done without producing any pesky seams.

What are the benefits of using a mesh banner vs a vinyl banner?

A custom-printed banner from solid vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But a mesh banner is specialized for windy or harsh conditions. The mesh design allows for wind to pass through without ripping and tearing at the material.

An additional, often overlooked, benefit of mesh banners is for displaying on windows where light needs to pass through.

How are the mesh banners installed?

There are many ways to hang our mesh banners, but we recommend installing them with ball bungees tied to each corner.

Can your mesh banners be double-sided?

No, we currently only offer printing on one side of our banners. We do offer double-sided banners in vinyl options.

Will my design lose any detail with the mesh material?

Your design will lose some vibrance and detail, but the 70/30 vinyl to hole ratio still allows for a majority of the detail. 30% of all detail will be lost if printed on mesh.

If you would like to retain more detail, you may want to consider utilizing our vinyl banner options. We recommend our 18 oz. Extra Heavy Duty Matte option.

Common Uses

What are the most common uses of a mesh banner vs vinyl banners?

Mesh banners are almost exclusively used for outdoor activities. This is due to the weather-resistant mesh that allows wind to pass through. You may recall you have seen banners like these while watching a local sporting event. But there are many other places and events that require weather-resistant mesh banners such as construction sites.

As mentioned above, an often overlooked use of mesh banners is to allow light to pass through a window while displaying an image.

What is the best way to store a mesh banner?

We recommend keeping your mesh banner rolled up when in storage to prevent any wrinkles or fold breaks.

How long do mesh banners typically last?

Depending on how the mesh banner was installed, the average lifetime for a custom mesh banner is up to 2 years if installed/stored properly.

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