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Vinyl Banners: Finishing Options for Custom Banners

The standard finish for vinyl banners is heat-welded hems and grommets. You can also have the banner cut to size, have just hems or have grommets only. Pole pockets, reinforced corners, and reinforced hems are also finishing options available for vinyl banners.

Hems and Grommets

Heat Welded Hems & Grommets:

Hems consist of one inch of the vinyl banner material folded over to the backside of the banner and heated together to form a clean and strong one-inch hem. We recommend having hems for all banners to increase the strength and durability of the banner. 

Grommets are about 1/2 inches in diameter and are made of #2 brass. They are placed every 2-4 feet around the banner perimeter and are used to help hang the banner. We recommend using all of the grommets provided when you hang your banner to prevent the banner from tearing or ripping.

The combination of hems and grommets prevent the banner from ripping and tearing. You can hang your banner using ropes, ball bungees or hanging clips.


Pole Pockets

Pole Pockets:

Pole pockets consist of either 2 inches or 3 inches of material wrapped around the sides, top or bottom of the banner. The vinyl banner material is folded over the back side of the banner similar to hems, but there is room for a pole or rod to go through the pocket. The material is heat welded onto the backside of the banner which creates a smooth 2-inch or 3-inch seam. Please note the pole pockets are finished at the size dimensions of the banner size selected - not in addition. If you want the pole pockets added in addition to the finished size, please contact a customer service representative. 


Reinforced Corners

Reinforced Corners:

Reinforced corners provide extra strength for the banner. The corners have a reinforced hem and are grommeted to each corner of the banner. You can not have reinforced corners with pole pockets.





Reinforced Hems

Reinforced Hems:

Reinforced hems are a 1 3/16" PVC coated webbing which increases the strength of the banner. The vinyl banner is cut to size and the reinforcements are heat welded to the backside of the banner. You can not have reinforced hems with pole pockets.
We recommend having reinforced hems and reinforced corners on banners over 32 square feet that will be used outdoors or if the banner will be used in a high-wind environment.

When you are ordering your vinyl banners, you will be able to select the finishing options. As you select the finishing option you will see the price change. 

If you have any questions about our custom banner printing options, please contact a customer service representative! 320-391-5300

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