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This is How to Make a Custom Decal

By Colton LaSota


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Online Designer
  3. Get Help From A Professional Graphic Designer



Did you know that we have partnered with We now offer decals, stickers, labels and even custom magnets! With the power of, you can create, customize, and design your own decals. You can create your design online, use professional design software to create your own artwork file, or work with a graphic design pro to create a custom look just for you! Here's how: 


Online Designer

On, you have the ability to use your own designs or utilize our built-in online designer. From inside our online designer, you can add custom text, pick through a variety of clipart images, or add custom images of your own.



Photoshop is a computer application offered by Adobe. In Photoshop you can edit rasterized (made up of pixels) images. Photoshop is harnessed by professional photographers around the world to do anything from whitening teeth to removing the background from an image.


Adobe Illustrator is another computer application offered by Adobe. But rather than using illustrator for editing photographs and other rasterized images, Illustrator is used to create and edit vector (uses software to detect edges) images. Illustrator is used by graphic design professionals all over to create logos, artwork, and cartoons. Illustrator has the largest learning curve of these examples.


Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Very similar to’s online designer, you can add clip art elements, custom text, select a background color, and design the image as you would like. Canva has the easiest learning curve of these examples.


Get Help From A Professional Graphic Designer

If you would like to receive some help with the design for your decal, we have expert professional graphic designers on stand-by. If you have an idea and can tell our graphic designers what you have in mind, your possibilities are endless when you harness the power of

So, if you’re in need of a decal, sticker, or label, head on over to and use the information that you learned here to make your decal for any business, brand, or hobby.



Colton LaSota

Video Marketing Specialist​

Colton was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota, just as a lot of the employees hail from the northern state. From a very young age, Colton became incredibly interested in filmmaking. He wanted to be the driving force behind the stories that we all love and adore. He graduated from Alexandria Technical and Community College with a degree in business management. Colton’s interests include film, horseback riding, writing, video games, YouTube videos, digital marketing, MEMES, Broadway productions, and of course, signage!


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