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Custom Happy Birthday Yard Signs

Wish your loved ones a full color HAPPY BIRTHDAY with these portable, lightweight coroplast signs. Make designing simple by selecting one of 21 different premade templates, and one of three different font styles.

These nifty signs are printed single-sided and come in at 18” tall. They’re large enough to be seen by road, but small enough to avoid being obnoxious or picked up by satellite. Begin your order by selecting an option below!


Happy Birthday Yard Letters
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Happy Birthday Yard Letters

Happy birthday yard letters are a super fun way to help celebrate and surprise your friends and loved ones. They are great for surprise parties for kids, milestone parties, or celebrating your friends.  

Our Happy Birthday Yard Letters are printed on a UV and weather-proof 4mm coroplast material. The signs are cut to a height of 18" with the width of each sign varying depending on the letter. Choose the background template and font style for your letter sign display to get started today.

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Custom Yard Letter Templates

Balloon Template

Balloon Template

Baseball Template

Baseball Template

Basketball Template

Basketball Happy Birthday Template

Blue Camo Template

Blue Camo Happy Birthday Template

Blue Mermaid Template

Blue Mermaid Happy Birthday Template

Candy Cane Template

Candy Cane Happy Birthday Template

Football Template

Football Happy Birthday Template

Galaxy Template

Galaxy Happy Birthday Template

Gold Glitter Template

Gold Glitter Template

Green Camo Template

Green Camo Happy Birthday Template

Leopard Template

Leopard Happy Birthday Template

Patriotic Flag Template

Patriotic Flag Happy Birthday Template

Pink Mermaid Template

Pink Mermaid Happy Birthday Template

Rainbow Template

Rainbow Happy Birthday Template

Rainbow Glitter Template

Rainbow Glitter Happy Birthday Template

Rainbow Zebra Template

Rainbow Zebra Happy Birthday Template

Rose Gold Glitter Template

Rose Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Template

Silver Glitter Template

Silver Glitter Happy Birthday Template

Soccer Ball Template

Soccer Ball Happy Birthday Template

Tie Dye Template

Tie Dye Happy Birthday Template

Zebra Template

Zebra Happy Birthday Template

Yard Letter Fonts

Capucine Basic Italic Font

Capucine Basic Happy Birthday Font

Helvetica Neue Lt 85 Heavy Font

Helvetica Neue Lt 85 Heavy Font

Urbane Rounded Heavy Font

Urbane Rounded Heavy Happy Birthday Font

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What material are letter yard signs printed on?

The 4 millimeter coroplast material is known for its durability and lightweightedness. It is similar to cardboard box material, except it has vertical tunnels in it for inserting metal stakes.

Are these celebratory signs waterproof? 

Birthdays occur in rain or shine, so we made sure that your snazzy letter sign will look great in any (reasonable) weather conditions! They’re very lightweight, so make sure to take them inside during severe wind events.

What font styles can I choose from?

You can choose from these three fun font styles:

  • Capucine Basic Italic

  • Helvetica Neue Lt 85 Heavy

  • Urbane Rounded Heavy

What if I want more customization for my signs?

We will also offer customizable yard letter products. You will be able to purchase individual ABC’s to share custom messaging all over the lawn.

How tall and wide are these letters?

The letters are 18” high, an average height for lawn signs in general. The letter width will vary depending on your font choice.

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