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Step and Repeat Banners and Backdrops

Step and Repeat Banners
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Due to the latest shipping regulations, all vinyl banners that exceed 8 feet in both directions will be folded for shipping. If you do not want your banners folded, please contact us to get a custom freight quote.

Make the most of your next event with an eye-catching vinyl banner. From trade shows and in-store displays to family reunions and parades, we can help you improve your visibility and make an unforgettable first impression with our professionally designed custom vinyl banners.

Here at, our goal is to deliver a banner that you’re proud to hang. That’s why we take great care in our craft and work closely with you to bring your vision to reality. One of the ways we do this is through strict quality checks. Our team includes seasoned graphic designers and production experts who have been with us for many years. They're deeply familiar with the nuances of the vinyl banner industry and are dedicated to collaborating to ensure you receive a tailor-made vinyl banner!  If something doesn’t meet our standards, our staff of in-house graphic designers will contact you to fix it immediately. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We offer a wide selection of custom vinyl banners and signage options, including sizes ranging from 1’x1’ to 8’x50’, unlimited design options in our online designer, and you can even choose production time to ensure your banner is delivered when you need it. Get started on your order today. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our in-house customer support team.

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If not, please give us a call at (320) 391-5300 and one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you.

Looking for something more specific? We can customize your order through a custom quote! Ideal for special projects, unique sizes and larger quantity orders.

Create Your Product

Design a Custom Step and Repeat Banner

Step and repeat banners are an effective branding and sponsorship display method for a variety of company events, media events, movie premieres, run/walks, and much more. The banners typically feature an assortment of company logos and they’re used as backdrops for photoshoots and interviews.

Our step and repeat backdrops are printed on a high-quality 13-oz. vinyl material that’s constructed with reinforced woven fibers for increased strength and durability. All banners are printed in full color using an advanced printing process that makes colors pop.

You can start customizing your banner with one of our free templates, upload your own artwork (we accept ai, .eps, .pdf, or high resolution or .jpg files), or work with one of our professional graphic designers.

Step and Repeat Banner Examples

Step and Repeat Banner Example | Step and Repeat Banner Sample | Step and Repeat Sports Banner |

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Make anywhere look like the red carpet. Often used for photo backdrops, these unique banners can take your social media page to the next level. Hosting an event that you’d like to create some buzz with? These banners are great to get people talking after the fact. Have anyone at your event pose for a picture and post on social media and get some organic traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions Return to Top

What are step and repeat banners?

Step and Repeat Banners are vinyl banners with repeating designs throughout the banner. These repeated designs are used to create a visibly appealing backdrop that isn’t overly distracting.

Can I use my step and repeat banner as a photo backdrop? 

Absolutely! These banners are especially great for photography. Bring these banners to red carpet events, birthdays, parties, anywhere photos will be taken.

What materials are your step and repeat banners printed on?

Our step and repeat backdrops have 5 premium material options available for printing materials:

  • 13 oz MatteVinyl Banners - Our high-quality 13oz matte vinyl banner material is our most popular banner material. It has a low shine and rich color gamut.
  • 13 oz Gloss Vinyl Banners - Our high-quality 13oz gloss vinyl banner material has a high shine to it that produces vibrant, crisp colors and graphics to give it a high end look.
  • 18 oz Vinyl Banners - Our extra heavy duty matte 18oz vinyl banner material is our toughest material. It has a low luster, blockout coating for extra durability and print quality.
  • Mesh Banners - Made with 8oz  PVC polyester mesh material that has a criss crossed breathable scrim that allows a 37% airflow. Mesh Banners are ideal for outdoor and windy conditions.
  • Fabric Banners - Made with a premium nylon/polyester blend material called Banner Soft. This fabric is ideal for indoor displays and has a low shine that produces a high end look and feel.

What are some standard sizes for Step and Repeat Banners?

There are two fairly common sizes for Step and Repeat Banners. The 8’ x 8’ Step and Repeat Banner is enough for 1-4 people, making it perfect for any small gathering or event. The 8’ x 20’ is the other popular option and is better for larger, red carpet like, events.

What other types of banners do you offer? Do you offer mesh, fabric, or canvas banners?

We offer a wide variety of banner options such as mesh banners, fabric banners, and canvas banners. But we also offer pop up banners, championship bannerstext only banners, step and repeat banners, fence banners, and pole banners.

How do you print your step and repeat banners? 

Our banners are digitally printed using UV ink with state-of-the-art large format printers. This creates vibrant colors that pop and are eye-catching. All banners are manufactured and printed in the USA.

Can I have my artwork printed on the front and back of the banner?

Yes! We can print our Step and Repeat Banners both single and double-sided. Just click the drop-down menu in the second step of the ordering process and select double-sided.

Are step and repeat banners suitable for outdoor use?

Yes! Our Step and Repeat Banners are made of UV resistant material. Just be careful when selecting the banner material, as fabric material is only recommended for indoor use. Our mesh material option is great for combating high winds.

Do your banners have a glossy or matte finish? 

Our vinyl banners are available in either a glossy or matte finish depending on which material you choose. Our 13 oz. vinyl material is available in both matte or gloss finish where our 18 oz. extra heavy duty vinyl is only available in a matte finish.

Can you recycle vinyl banners?

Yes, they can be, the most common way to recycle them is by upcycling them. Some businesses will take your old, unwanted vinyl banners and turn them into totes bags, duffle bags, and other consumer goods. It is also more common for your local recycling facility to recycle vinyl banners, but we recommend reaching out to them prior to putting them in your recycling bin.

Do step and repeat banners come with Hems and Grommets? What about Pole Pockets?

Our Step and Repeat Banners can either come with Hems and Grommets or come with Pole Pockets. It is completely up to how you will be using the banner. Hems and Grommets are great for situations where there will be something to tie the banner to such as a fence. Pole Pockets are great for situations where the banner will be used to cover the background.

Installation & Product Care FAQs

What are some common uses for Step and Repeat Banners?

Step and Repeat Banners are typically used in conjunction with photography. The step and repeat design is perfect for any background. These banners are typically used at red carpet events, trade shows, formal dances, birthdays, conventions, fairs, and media events.

How are Step and Repeat Banners installed?

Hems and grommets or pole pockets can be added to your vinyl banner. We recommend placing ball bungees on ALL grommets provided if you select hems and grommets. This will spread the tension uniformly, resulting in a banner that is as clean and wrinkle-free as possible.

Our pole pockets are another way to hang your step and repeat banner. There will be no increase in the end size of your banner if pole pockets are chosen. Pole pockets come in three sizes: 2", 3", and 4". When choosing pole pockets, we don't recommend placing any text or images within 3 inches of the banner's edge.

Pole Pocket Finishing Options

  • 2" Pole Pockets - fits a pole 3/4" in diameter
  • 3" Pole Pockets - fits a pole 1 1/4" in diameter
  • 4" Pole Pockets - fits a pole 1 1/2" in diameter

For more information on how to hang your banner using ball bungees please visit our how to hang a banner page or check us out on YouTube.

Will my Step and Repeat Banner fade in the sun?

Our banners are made from premium sun-resistant material. But, as with anything else left in the sun for an extended period of time, it will eventually lose some of its color if left in the direct sun. We recommend storing your Step and Repeat Banner in a dry place out of the sun.


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