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What are Reinforced Corners?

Vinyl Banner Finishing Options: Reinforced Corners

The standard finishing option for vinyl banners is hems and grommets, but we also have reinforced corners. We recommend adding reinforced corners on banners over 32 square feet that will be displayed outdoors for added durability.

There are a variety of ways to hang and mount your vinyl banner. You can order your banner from “plain,” without any mounting hardware, and install your own. Or, you can choose built-in grommets or pole pockets for hanging from ropes or mounting on poles. Our brass grommets and pole pockets are sturdy enough for all indoor and light outdoor use. However, for long-term outdoor use, reinforced corners can provide extra strength that we recommend if you plan to display your banner for an extended period of time. All our banners feature hemmed edges to prevent fraying. 


Reinforced Corners

Reinforced corners are made of 13 oz. vinyl banner material that is reinforced with 1 3/16" PVC coated webbing to provide added toughness. The material is cut into a triangle and added to each of the corners of the banner on the backside. The reinforced corners provide extra strength for the banner.

This additional material means your banner corners where grommets are installed will be even more robust against windy weather. This is important for any large banner to be displayed outdoors exposed to the elements. 



To ensure your banner has a long life even with outdoor use, we install durable brass grommets in our vinyl banners.

Three grommets are used to hold the reinforced corners in place. We also add grommets every 2-4 feet around the banner perimeter to help you hang the banner. We recommend keeping all important text and images at least 2-3 inches away from the edge of the banner to avoid having grommets go through your information.

You can not have pole pockets with reinforced corners. Pole pockets are loops of vinyl material that metal, plastic or PVC poles can be inserted into for outdoor display. Since pole pockets are attached to the sides of the banner, there’s no need to add reinforced corners to this mounting solution.

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