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Promote your Job Fair with Full Color Vinyl Banners! Browse our Job Fair Booth Banner Templates

Job fairs are very common at colleges and universities around the country. Employers will also have job fairs to recruit top candidates for their open positions. These eye-catching banners act as vibrant beacons, drawing job seekers and employers alike to their displays. With their bold colors, captivating designs, and concise yet powerful messages, job fair banners can instantly communicate details about the event and the opportunities each job fair holds. They serve as a visual representation of the diverse range of industries and professions present, and showcasing the dynamic nature of the job market. 

If you are having a job fair, be sure to advertise with banners and signs to let people know when and where your job fair will be held. Companies should also use banners, banner stands, and table covers at their booths to let people know more about their organization and employment opportunities. It's easy to get a custom job fair banner. You can pick a template to customize, upload a file, or work with one of our wonderful graphic designers. 

From innovative tech startups to established corporations, job fair banners give off a sense of excitement, possibility, and growth. They not only create a vibrant atmosphere, but also facilitate networking and connections among professionals, leading to career advancements and business collaborations. Job fair banners are printed on 13 oz scrim vinyl in full color - and you can add unlimited text, clipart, backgrounds, and photographs. The banners include heat welded hems and grommets.

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Due to the latest shipping regulations, all vinyl banners that exceed 8 feet in both directions will be folded for shipping. If you do not want your banners folded, please contact us to get a custom freight quote.

Make the most of your next event with an eye-catching vinyl banner. From trade shows and in-store displays to family reunions and parades, we can help you improve your visibility and make an unforgettable first impression with our professionally designed custom vinyl banners.

Here at, our goal is to deliver a banner that you’re proud to hang. That’s why we take great care in our craft and work closely with you to bring your vision to reality. One of the ways we do this is through strict quality checks. Our team includes seasoned graphic designers and production experts who have been with us for many years. They're deeply familiar with the nuances of the vinyl banner industry and are dedicated to collaborating to ensure you receive a tailor-made vinyl banner!  If something doesn’t meet our standards, our staff of in-house graphic designers will contact you to fix it immediately. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We offer a wide selection of custom vinyl banners and signage options, including sizes ranging from 1’x1’ to 8’x50’, unlimited design options in our online designer, and you can even choose production time to ensure your banner is delivered when you need it. Get started on your order today. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our in-house customer support team.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can vinyl banners be used in an outdoor setting?

Yes, our vinyl banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor display, making them an excellent choice for your upcoming job fair signage!

We do not recommend using your vinyl banner in inclement weather, such as high winds, as this may cause your banner to wear and tear. In the event of extreme weather, we recommend that you temporarily remove your signage to preserve its lifespan.

If you are advertising your banner in a high wind region, we recommend considering a mesh banner instead, as this material allows for 37% airflow through the banner fabric, reducing stress, wear, and tear caused by the wind.

Are your vinyl banners available in different weights?

Yes, they are available in two scrim vinyl options. Both of these material options are suitable as indoor and outdoor banners.

  • 13 oz vinyl (Glossy or Matte)
  • 18 oz extra heavy-duty scrim vinyl (Matte)

Our standard and most popular vinyl banner material is 13 oz. vinyl banner material. It is excellent for both indoor and outdoor displays. If you would like a heavier duty material, the 18 oz scrim vinyl is available to provide you with the added strength and durability that you want.

Do you offer double sided banners?

Yes, we do! Our double sided banners are available in 3 material choices – 13 oz. gloss vinyl, 13 oz. matte vinyl, and 18 oz. extra heavy duty vinyl, giving you options for both appearance (gloss or matte) as well as durability (18 oz.). Double sided banners have a maximum print size of 6’ x 30’.

Are vinyl basketball banners printed in full color?

Yes, all our vinyl signage is digitally printed in full color using UV ink. This allows you to choose as many colors, text, and images as you want at no additional charge when creating your custom vinyl banner.

What other types of banners do you offer? Do you offer mesh, fabric, or canvas banners?

We offer a wide variety of banner options, such as mesh banners, fabric banners, and canvas banners. But we also offer pop up banners, championship banners, text only banners, step and repeat banners, fence banners, and pole banners. You can even use our flag designer to create your own custom flags.

Do you offer banners with wind slits?

No! We do not sell or recommend banners with wind slits. The reasoning for this is that we have found them to be ineffective against high winds, and they ultimately decrease the durability and longevity of the vinyl banner. To learn more about why we don’t recommend adding wind slits to your banner, visit our wind slits page.

If you are concerned about harsh weather conditions, specifically high winds, we recommend you order a mesh banner instead of a scrim vinyl banner. This is due to the mesh material itself. It is specifically designed to allow for 37% of the air to physically flow through the banner itself, helping to relieve tension from the wind

Will pole pockets add to the finished size of my banner?

When selecting pole pockets, there won’t be an increase in the finished size of your vinyl banner. Pole pockets can either be 2”, 3”, or 4”. We don’t recommend having any text or images within 3 inches of the edge of the banner where you choose to have your pole pockets to ensure that your design will not be cut off.

How do I hang a banner?

Hems and grommets, as well as pole pockets, can be added to your vinyl banner. We recommend using ball bungees on ALL grommets provided if you choose the hems and grommets option. This will equally distribute the pressure, resulting in a clean and wrinkle-free banner.

If you are looking for another hanging option, try a pole-pocketed banner. There will be no increase in the finished size of your banner if you choose pole pockets. Pole pockets can be 2", 3", or 4". When using pole pockets, we don't recommend placing any text or images within 3 inches of the banner's edge.

How do I properly store my vinyl banner?

When your custom vinyl banner is not being used, make sure that you roll the banner up. Keep the printed side out when you roll the banner to protect the ink. To prevent the banner from bending, you should keep the box it was shipped in and store it there. You should also keep your banner away from extreme heat. Avoid windows or other direct sunlight.

How do I clean my banner?

Your vinyl banner might require occasional cleaning. If you are going to wash your vinyl banner, use lukewarm water and dish soap. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials like power washers and brushes. You should only use soft towels to avoid scratching the banner and ruining the prints.

How do I remove wrinkles from my vinyl banner?

After receiving your vinyl banner, you may notice it has some creases or wrinkles. This is due to it being rolled up and stored for shipping. If you wish to get rid of these unsightly wrinkles from your custom vinyl banner, we recommend two options.

The first and least hands-on approach is to simply unroll your vinyl banners and place them in the hot sun for a few hours, and the wrinkles should come out.

The second option is more of a hands-on approach, and we recommend using a clothing steamer with a refillable water tank. Simply just use the steamer (much like you would with a piece of clothing) and this steamer should take the wrinkles right out!

For more information, check out our YouTube video on how to remove wrinkles and creases from your banner

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