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If you need a quick professional look to add to your store front of your business, window clings are the way to go.

Use window clings to easily apply your business hours, logos, sports teams, or any of your favorite organizations. Our window clings are made from a low-tack vinyl material allowing easy installation and removal. They can also be applied to car windows, mirrors, or on any glass, metal, or plastic surface. Window clings are best used for temporary signage.

There are two different display options for window cling vinyl: front adhesive or back adhesive. Front adhesive is applied on the inside surface of the glass and is viewable from the outside. Our back adhesive is also viewable from the outside, but it is applied to the outside surface of the glass.


Window Cling Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material are your window clings made of?

A: Our clear window clings are made from a 4 mil transparent low tack vinyl material. This material allows for an easy installation and removal of your cling.

Our white window clings are made from a 4 mil low tack white vinyl material. This material allows for an easy installation and removal of your cling.

Q: What is the difference between clear and white window clings and which one should I choose?

A: The only physical difference between the two is the color of the material. One is transparent and the other is white. However, the intended use for each material is what makes them very different.

Clear window clings offer the advantage of being see-through on the areas where ink is not present. Because of this unique feature, they are commonly used on storefronts or other retail locations to advertise your promotion, sale, or product while still allowing your customers to see the product or store behind the window cling.

White window clings are more commonly used when you intend to use full color artwork throughout the entire design of the window cling. These window clings are great for promoting sales, products, or business hours, while blocking the view inside the window or outside the window.

Q: When should I use a window cling instead of a decal?

A: Window clings are generally preferred if you need temporary signage such as sales, new product products, holiday, or seasonal promotions. This is due to the fact that they are printed on a low tack material, making them less permanent and easier to install and remove than our standard vinyl decal. If you are looking for something more permanent than we do suggest you go with a window decal for your next decal project. 

Q: What surfaces will my cling stick to?

A: Window clings are intended to be placed on glass surfaces, but will also adhere to any smooth, non-porous surface such as plastic or metal. All our window clings are printed on a low tack vinyl that allows for easy installation and removal, as well as allowing you the ability to reposition your cling multiple times without leaving any sticky residue behind.


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