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Liberate the Power of Business Yard Signs

  1. Design and Customization
  2. Material and Durability
  3. Uses and Applications
  4. Cost-Effectiveness
  5. Placement Strategies
  6. Maintenance Tips
  7. Versatility
  8. Conclusion

Businesses always look for new marketing methods to stand out and get noticed. One timeless and effective tool that often goes underappreciated is the business yard sign. In this guide, we'll explore design, applications, and key considerations.  

Then you can employ these powerful marketing tools. Let’s get started.

Design and Customization

Importance of Professional Design

Crafting a visually appealing business yard sign is a crucial step in making a lasting impression on passersby. We understand the significance of professional design in capturing attention and conveying your message effectively. 

Color Psychology and Branding

Research the impact of colors on emotions and learn how to align your signage with your brand's color scheme and message. These signs are digitally printed in full color UV resistant ink, so your designs will look excellent rain or shine. Your fade resistant custom signs can be used over and over again.

Font Selection for Readability

Ensure your message is legible from a distance, emphasizing clarity and brand consistency. Choose bold, easy to read fonts in agreeable colors.

Graphics and Imagery

Incorporate compelling graphics and imagery to enhance the visual appeal. Use logos or full color photographs to get attention.

Material and Durability


Banner Material Comparison
  Vinyl Banners Mesh Banners Fabric Banners
Material 13 or 18 oz. Vinyl 8 oz. PVC Polyester Satin or Banner Soft Fabric
Weather Resistance High - UV & Water Resistant High- UV, Water, & Wind Resistant Low - Material is More Susceptible to Weather Damage
Product Lifespan 3+ Years 3+ Years 3+ Years
Printing Method Full Color Digital Printing Full Color Digital Printing Full Color Direct Dye Sublimation
Print Options Double Sided Double Sided Double Sided
Hanging Options Grommets, Pole Pockets Grommets, Pole Pockets Grommets, Pole Pockets
Recommended Use Outdoor Outdoor Indoor


Investing in high-quality materials is essential for the longevity and effectiveness of your signs. We prioritize durability to ensure your outdoor signs withstand the test of time and the elements. 

4mm Corrugated Plastic Signs 

The benefits of corrugated plastic include being a lightweight yet durable material suitable for various weather conditions. Custom yard signs made from this material require virtually no maintenance. Lawn signs can be printed single or double-sided.

Uses and Applications

Advertising Strategies for Businesses

Custom business yard signs are versatile marketing tools that can be employed in various creative ways to promote your products or services. 

Highlighting Special Offers

You can use these signs to draw attention to discounts, promotions, or limited-time offers to drive customer engagement.

Showcasing New Products or Services

Feature new products or services on your yard signs to attract both existing and potential customers.

Directional Signage for Events

Understand the importance of using yard signs to guide attendees to your business events or promotions, enhancing the overall experience. Incorporate your signs for directional use at community events, fairs and trade shows. Sprinkle the scene with your branding and logo.

Real Estate Signage and Marketing

For real estate professionals, these signs play a pivotal role in property marketing and brand visibility.

Key Property Information

Include the essential details on real estate signs to provide potential buyers (or sellers) with the information they need. Provide contact info, home details and upcoming showings.

Branding for Realtors

Personalized yard signs can contribute to brand recognition and help real estate agents stand out in a competitive market.

Sign Placement Strategies

Strategic placement of real estate yard signs to maximize visibility and capture the attention of potential buyers. Research foot traffic and street traffic trends in your area.


Budget-Friendly Signage Solutions

We understand the importance of cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Discover how business yard sign printing can be a great budget-friendly option.

DIY Design and Tips

Learn simple design tips and tricks to create eye-catching yard signs on a budget without compromising on quality. You can use our online design tool to upload your own artwork or select a template and start from scratch.

You can also use yard signs like old school foam boards by setting them on an easel for indoor signage.

Bulk Ordering Discounts

The advantages of bulk ordering your business signs include discounts and cost savings, making these signs an economical choice for large-scale promotions. The more products you order, the more money you save. And who couldn’t use extra signage?

Placement Strategies

Ideal Locations for Maximum Visibility

Choosing the right locations is crucial for reaching your target audience effectively. There is little point in ordering signs if no one sees them. So, ensure they’re in highly visible areas.

Near High-Traffic Areas

Placing signs near high-traffic areas to maximize visibility and exposure to potential customers. Have your signs printed double-sided to gain even more attention from people coming and going.

Strategic Placement for Events

Strategically position yard signs to guide event attendees to important areas like the restrooms or vending areas. This helps create a seamless experience. 

Compliance with Regulations

Understand the importance of complying with local regulations and obtaining permits for sign placement to avoid legal issues.

Regulations and Permits for Sign Placement

Navigating local regulations and obtaining the necessary permits are essential steps in signage marketing.

Zoning Laws and Restrictions 

Gain insights into local zoning laws and restrictions that may impact the placement and size of your signs.

Permit Application Process

Step-by-step guidance on the permit application process, ensuring a smooth and compliant deployment of your signage.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and Maintaining Yard Signs

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your business yard signs, proper maintenance and storage are key.

Easy-to-Clean Materials

4 mm corrugated plastic is super easy to clean. If it is dirt, grime, moisture or all of the above, just wipe it clean with a soft rag or paper towel. 

Replacement & Storage

Establish a routine for inspecting signs to identify any wear and tear, allowing for timely repairs or replacements. When not in use, store these signs in a cool dry space, and be careful not to lean them against any surface that may scratch or dent them.


Using Signs for Various Events and Promotions

Business yard signs are versatile marketing tools that can be adapted for a wide range of events and promotions.

Seasonal Promotions

You can use your signs to advertise seasonal promotions to align with holidays and capitalize on seasonal trends.

Community Engagement Events

Use yard signs to promote community engagement events and strengthen your brand's ties with the local community.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Utilize the portability and effectiveness of yard signs at trade shows and exhibitions to enhance your booth's visibility. Use them directionally on the trade show floor or outside the venue to garner interest in your exhibit.

Conclusion: Maximum Impact Signage

The versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness of yard signs make them a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. As you embark on this journey, keep these insights in mind to transform your signs from markers into compelling brand statements, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Begin your order today with our online design tool. 


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