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The Power of Sidewalk Signs: A Usage Guide

  1. Definition and Types
  2. Benefits
  3. Design Tips
  4. Best Practices for Placement
  5. Customization Options
  6. Materials and Durability
  7. Regulations
  8. Interactive Signs
  9. The Future of Sidewalk Signage


Definition and Types

Also known as A-frame or sandwich board signs, these products are versatile outdoor advertising tools. They can significantly enhance the visibility of your business including restaurants and even retail stores. offers a few flavors of A-frame  plastic signs:

Whichever holder you choose for your printed sign makes for a vibrant sidewalk advertisement holder. They all come with convenient carrying handles and can be filled with sand or water for added sturdiness.

Each sign holder is made from durable material, virtually maintenance free and stylish. The main difference is that they have varying degrees of aesthetics.



Double-sided advertising is a key benefit of this product. One of the primary reasons business owners and event planners turn to street signage is foot traffic. Let’s face it, most people move slower than cars. This gives them the ability to observe, smell the roses, and read the signs.

You can fill the sign holders with water or sand, making them pretty darn wind resistant. Your custom Sandwich signs deserve only sturdy materials to feature your designs. You can also easily swap out the coroplast designs for weekly or daily specials and more. 


Design Tips

Creating an eye-catching and effective sign is an art form. Learn valuable design tips that will help your sign shine, grab attention, and convey your message effectively to passersby. To do this, use your logo or brand colors, and keep text to a minimum

Optimizing Usage


Best Practices for Placement

Strategic placement of A frame signs is crucial for their effectiveness. The best spots to place these signs (check state and local regulations) are:

  • Well, sidewalks. 
  • Place them in front of storefronts and eateries.
  • Set them on your neighborhood street corner and advertise for Grad parties or garage sales.
  • Use them as directional signage on the trade show floor.


Customization Options

Tailoring your sign to align with your logos and messaging is key. There are many customization options available like your branding elements, sign holder style choice and you can also choose the size. Don’t forget to order any replacement signs that you may need, too. 


Materials and Durability

The materials used in sidewalk signs are essential for longevity and weather resistance. Typically, these signs are made from 4 millimeter corrugated plastic. It’s both water and weather resistant, requiring little to no maintenance. 

Going Beyond the Basics



Be sure you understand the regulatory landscape surrounding sidewalk signs. Read up on local guidelines and permits to ensure your signage complies with regulations, preventing any potential issues with authorities.


Interactive Signs

Incorporate QR codes into your designs and messaging. It’s that simple, use the magical little designs to catapult customers to your website, menu or social media.


The Future of Sidewalk Signage

As we conclude this comprehensive guide to sidewalk signs, it's evident that these outdoor advertising tools are indispensable for businesses and event planners alike. From understanding the basics to exploring advanced strategies, you are now equipped with the knowledge needed to make the most of sidewalk signs.

Position your business or event for success by leveraging the power of sidewalk signs. Whether you're a small business owner, a seasoned event planner, or someone exploring new ways to enhance visibility, is here to support you every step of the way.

Remember, your sidewalk sign is more than just a piece of outdoor advertising; it's a direct connection to your audience, inviting them to explore what your business or event has to offer. Harness the potential of sidewalk signs with, your expert resource for all things signage.

Ready to make a statement on the streets? Contact us today and let's embark on a journey to transform your outdoor advertising strategy with the unmatched power of sidewalk signs!


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