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How To Use Magnetic Car Signs for your Business

By Colton LaSota


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are magnetic signs
  3. What are the Benefits of using Magnetic Signs
  4. Businesses that can use Magnetic Signs
    1. Service-people
    2. Construction Services
    3. Delivery Vehicles
    4. Realtors
  5. Conclusion



Do you do a lot of driving for your business or career? Would you like to attract more attention while you’re driving around? Look no further than magnetic signs to take care of that for you. Magnetic signs are flat signs that you simply stick to the side of your vehicle, dishwasher, or any flat, metal object.

There are different benefits you may receive from using a magnetic car sign depending on what type of business you are running. A landscaping business will receive different benefits than a local restaurant by using a magnetic car sign. So, we’ve put together this article to give our customers a better idea of how to use their magnetic car signs depending on what industry they are in.


What are Magnetic Signs?

Magnetic signs are flat, flexible signs that can attach to non-porous, metal surfaces such as the side of a vehicle or refrigerator. Installing and displaying these signs is a breeze. Just grab your magnetic sign and attach it to the side of your vehicle by placing it wherever you would like. Best of all, they're easy to move, remove and reuse. By using our magnetic signs to promote your business, you will be turning whatever vehicle you attach them to into a mobile billboard.

Versatile and cost-effective, custom car magnetic signs are a great choice for restaurants, delivery services, contractors, landscapers, and fleet vehicles of all kinds. Made with outstanding quality and durability, vehicle magnets are built to stand up to weather and road grime. View the video below for more information on magnetic signs from


What are the Benefits of using Magnetic Signs?

Many business owners find that they are spending a lot of time behind the wheel. Running from meeting to meeting all day doesn’t do much for promoting the business. So, why not be more proactive about advertising your business? Take your daily commuter and turn it into a mobile billboard by attaching your business’s name or logo on the door.

One of the key benefits to using a magnetic sign to promote your business is the ease of placement. All you need to do is take your magnetic sign and place it on the side of any flat, metal surface. Another key benefit of using these magnetic signs is how easy it is to transfer your sign from vehicle to vehicle. Replacing someone on your delivery team? Just take the magnetic sign from the vehicle of your former worker and place it on the vehicle of your new employee.


Business Currently using Magnetic Signs


Landscapers typically work out of their work vehicles for the most part. Most landscapers fill out their day by going from location to location, performing job after job. Why not let everyone on the job site know who you are and what you’re about? Display your landscaping business’s name, hours, specialties, and more on one of our magnetic signs referring more and more people to your website, phone number, or email.


Service People

Plumbers, electricians, handymen, and many more general service people can make perfect use of our magnetic signs to display their business. Going from house to house, you meet a lot of people. And a lot of people will meet the side of your vehicle. Why not take a magnetic sign and greet those people with your business’s name, hours, or phone number?



Construction is one of the most common professions to use magnetic vehicle signs. Construction professionals often must drive their vehicles from site to site. Their vehicles are often parked in high-traffic areas, too. These construction professionals also typically get clients through referrals. So, adorning their work trucks with a magnetic sign that gives potential clients with all the information that they may need.


Delivery Vehicles

The first type of work vehicle that most people initially think of. Delivery vehicles inherently make great use of magnetic car signs. Whether you’re delivering pizza, office supplies, or groceries, magnetic car signs will give your delivery service the exposure it needs to bring in more customers.



Another often overlooked profession that could make good use of magnetic yard signs is real estate. Realtors are driving around more than just about any professional. Give your future clients a good first impression with a personable photo. Or let clients know where to best get a hold of you by displaying your email or phone number. From showing to showing, your vehicle is a fantastic place to advertise your realty business.



There are so many industry professionals that can make great use of magnetic car signs. Just like how many professions have a typical way they dress themselves up, their vehicles can be dressed up in a professional way as well. Design your own custom magnetic sign to display on your vehicle right here at!


Colton LaSota

Video Marketing Specialist​

Colton was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota, just as a lot of the employees hail from the northern state. From a very young age, Colton became incredibly interested in filmmaking. He wanted to be the driving force behind the stories that we all love and adore. He graduated from Alexandria Technical and Community College with a degree in business management. Colton’s interests include film, horseback riding, writing, video games, YouTube videos, digital marketing, MEMES, Broadway productions, and of course, signage!


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