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How to Design and Display a Step and Repeat Banner

By Naomi Myrick


Step and repeat, or backdrop banners, use the same repeating design to create a solid background. You’ve likely seen them at school dances and red-carpet photo ops. But have you ever wondered how you even begin to design them?

Well, you’re in luck! Today you’ll learn how to design the perfect step and repeat banners for your event.

Let’s get started!



Chapter One: Size and Material Options

Our size range is versatile — one size does not fit all! You can order a banner as small as 1’ x 1’ or as large as 8’ x 50’ and everything in between. This allows you to plan for larger trade show displays and photo ops, or to choose something smaller and more portable.

You banner material options are as follows: 

  • 13-oz. Matte vinyl
  • 13-oz. Gloss vinyl
  • 18-oz. Extra heavy duty matte vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Mesh

Each material has its own benefits. Matte vinyl is flatter, more subdued material that produces rich colors. Glossy vinyl is shiny and produces vibrant colors and graphics. Either option is durable in the elements. Mesh and fabric materials have an appealing and softer aesthetic. 



Chapter Two: Design Elements


Color is the makeup for your branding. When choosing colors, think about your messaging goals. Evening look or casual? Hip or professional? 

Graphic designers will likely tell you that the red and yellow of the McDonald's arches won’t work well for a Memory Care Home advertisement or something of a more serious nature — other than way too many calories. So, given that tidbit, make sure your color choices enhance your branding.


Now that you’ve selected your size, material and colors, you can begin to think about designs! The banner / display industry preaches that a logo should be between 9 and 11 inches. So keep that in mind if you’re going to include it on your banner. 

Implement your colors into the logo design and make sure it is a shape that can easily be repeated without being too busy. 


Graphic designers will also tell you that black text on a white background is popular and it is popular because it is visually pleasing. It is easy on the eyes. So, if you’re going to use a graphic and not an intricate logo, then go with something subtle. 


Chapter Three: Finishing Options & Installation

These backdrop banners are available with pole pockets, or with hems and grommets. It is entirely up to you how you intend to use the banner. When a banner needs to be attached to anything, such a fence, hems and grommets are ideal. When the banner is utilized to cover the background, pole pockets work fantastically.


Naomi Myrick

Marketing Generalist

Naomi is a content creator and marketing generalist at She has a diverse background in sales and customer service, but her real passion has always been writing. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN. and is a recent transplant to central MN. Naomi enjoys fishing, hiking and loves hockey. 


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