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How to Design and Display a Parade Banner

By Naomi Myrick


We’ve all been to a parade! Some have marching bands, some have dancers — and they all have free candy. But have you ever wondered how to actually design a banner for a parade? You’re in luck!

Today we will cover how to design your parade banner, some parade banner ideas and more!



Chapter One: How to Design a Parade Banner

The overall banner design is rooted in the purpose of the parade! Is it a 4th of July gig, spooky Halloween event or a sleigh drawn Holiday party with Santa and his real reindeer? Determine that, choose some colors and the rest sort of falls into place. 


Clearly Holidays have defined and preferential color palettes. Black and orange are used for October festivities, red and green and even blue tinsel is used for Christmas. Easter has the lock on pastels, while Independence Day fancies the good ole’ red, white and blue. 

That’s an obvious breakdown for national events. When it comes to parades of other natures, then think about the emotional message you’re trying to send or evoke. Pink is quintessential for Breast Cancer events. 


No matter what the occasion, the text size is key. Messaging should be readable by most people from about two city blocks away. That’s roughly 400 steps for the average human stride. 

Another size option to consider is the banner itself. Size will directly contribute to mass or weight. Think about who is carrying it, children or adults? What can certain sized hands, well, handle and so on. 

Finishing Options

The standard banner finishing options are hems and grommets. Most people choose this finishing option so they can easily hang the banner with ball bungees. 

The other finishing option we strongly suggest for parade banners is called pole pockets. This option entails stitched pockets on either end or the top and bottom of the banner. These pockets are designed for a pole or dowel to be inserted — as the name implies. 


Chapter Two: Practicality

Now that I’ve covered the finishing options, let’s put them into practical use whether you intend to get some steps in and walk in the parade or ride on a float. 


We sincerely recommend using pole banners as a finishing option for parade banners. Simply put, the poles make it a heck-of-a-lot easier to carry your banner!  Depending on the banner width, and parade banner pole size, you can have two or more people easily help carry it. 

Floats and Vehicles

If you intend to use your banner on a float, then either option will suffice. You can hang a banner from float scaffolding or hang it from the back or front of a fire truck. People riding along can also easily hold up the banner with the pole pocket finishing feature. 


Chapter Three: Some Fun Banner Ideas

Floats that float

Boat parades are the best! Think about it:, your float actually floats — so cool! I was in a 4th of July boat parade one time and boy was it difficult to hold up a flag on a stick! I wish we would’ve planned ahead and ordered some USA flag banners with pole pocketing. Give it a try! 


Many parades have horses! Our gentle equine friends bring that country feel, to big city State Fairs and other events. You can easily hold a pole-pocket banner between two riders or attach a hanging banner to a hay-ride wagon. 

Cute kid banners

Children’s events bring in the crowds! From face painting to petting zoos, you can bet where the puerile fun is, there will be people. Promote nostalgia by hanging banners around town and invite families galore. 

You’ll be amazed how a  mere banner can generate fun memories that last!



Naomi Myrick

Marketing Generalist

Naomi is a content creator and marketing generalist at She has a diverse background in sales and customer service, but her real passion has always been writing. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN. and is a recent transplant to central MN. Naomi enjoys fishing, hiking and loves hockey. 


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