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Basic CMYK Colors for Printing Banners

List of Common CMYK Color Mixes For Banner Printing

Vinyl banners are printed in the CMYK color mix. It is important that you convert all of your files to CMYK when you submit your own artwork to ensure that your colors print correctly. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Each color has a range of 0-100 percent. Combining these colors allows you to print in just about any color imaginable. 

RGB files should be converted to CMYK before printing. Your graphics software (like Adobe Photoshop or inDesign) may default to RGB instead of CMYK, so be sure to check when exporting your file for print.

RBG is a color model designed for use with graphics to be displayed on a screen, such as website graphics. It uses an additive model that assumes a black background, such as a computer screen or a phone. By contrast, CMYK is a color model designed for print graphics. It assumes a white background, such as a piece of paper or a sheet of white banner vinyl.

Using the wrong color model can lead to problems. If your file is set up with an RGB color model, the colors may turn out differently than you expected when it’s printed. 

When you switch your color model to CMYK in your graphics software before exporting, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate the appearance of the colors before you send the file to print. The CMYK color space will much more accurately reflect the look of the final product.

Common CMYK Colors for Print

We have put together a list of some common CMYK color mixes that work well for printing vinyl banners. You can easily edit your colors in Adobe Illustrator in the color tab.

Navy Blue: 100-50-0-65

Dark Blue: 100-75-0-0

Light Blue: 70-37-13-0

Dark Gray: 0-0-0-75

Medium Gray: 0-0-0-60

Light Gray: 0-0-0-45

Dark Green: 100-25-100-25

Green: 75-0-100-25

Orange: 0-70-700-0

Red: 0-100-90-5

Deep Red: 25-100-100-25

Magenta: 0-100-0-0

Purple: 85-100-0-0

Violet: 42-50-0-0

Pink: 0-50-0-0

Teal: 100-25-50-25

Brown: 29-78-97-75

White: 0-0-0-0

Other colors besides these can also be printed, but you’ll want to be careful when designing your file. Light colors like sky blue can be tricky to get right. They often turn out lighter than intended on the final product, which can lead to contrast issues making your information harder to read. When in doubt, choose one of these colors to ensure a consistent print.

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