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10 Creative Ways to Display Custom Yard Signs

By Naomi Myrick

Let me let you in on a secret… you don’t necessarily need a lawn to use lawn signs! In this short list, I am going to serve up ten creative ways to use yard signs that you’d never really thought of! 

Let’s get signing! 

Table of Contents

  1. One: Apartment patio decor
  2. Two: Minivan advertisements
  3. Three: Inexpensive interior decorating
  4. Four: Lemonade stands
  5. Five: Homecoming Royalty campaigns
  6. Six: Nature’s entertainment
  7. Seven: Woodsy signage
  8. Eight: Zoom
  9. Nine: Science fairs
  10. Ten: Track and field day signage


One: Apartment patio decor

Grass need not apply. Dear apartment dweller, you can use these signs to show support for a political candidate, football team or anything else. And you do not need grass to do it! Order your signs with grommeted corners and hang them like a banner or just lean them against a wall. It’s very easy. 

Two: Minivan advertisements

Moms? Ditch the stick people decals. Lawn signs can feature actual faces, hands, feet etc. Plus, they can serve as band candy, theater or sports fundraising ads. Your honors student deserves more than a measly bumper sticker; use a yard sign instead!

Three: Inexpensive interior decorating

Picture framing is expensive. And for what? Your precious photos surrounded by some wood-composite that will crack if you look at it the wrong way? Lame. Instead, order some corrugated plastic to spruce up the room. It is durable, and maintenance free. Plus you can custom print a bunch of designs quickly and inexpensively.  

Four: Lemonade stands

Support your little entrepreneur with custom signage! Take their cute little stand to the next level and watch the tart, but sweet profits roll in. You’ll be able to afford even more signs!

Five: Homecoming Royalty campaigns

This is an important event for teenagers and it could even foster a run for city council some day! Help your beauty queen or charming king campaign the right way. Print full color photographs, sprinkle in some of your teens’ best attributes and put them on display! 

Six: Nature’s entertainment

This may be a stretch, but if you take down the sign and leave the wire stakes, you can probably bet the squirrels will get, well, inventive. So, enjoy hours of — mostly free — entertainment right on your lawn! 

Seven: Woodsy signage

Every now and then you let yourself enjoy a peaceful nature hike. You feel grounded as the fresh air fills your lungs and chirping birds meet your ears. When suddenly, you feel that gnawing survival hunger. Good thing your local burger joint planted a few lawn signs throughout the forest! Uber eats that #$%& now!

Eight:  Zoom

Zoom is a soul sucking invention — like an anti-gravity producing tornado. So to help with your necessary evil of tele-communication we have an idea. You can print a large, life-like image of yourself on a yard sign and prop it up in your desk chair. That way, you can still listen to the call, but you can walk around the room and get your steps in.

Nine: Science fairs

Set your kid’s exhibit apart by using yard signs instead of poster board. With yard signs, you can easily change out different demonstration elements. Plus, the corrugated material is water-proof, so those messier projects won’t sully the project.

Ten: Track and field day signage

Using yard signs at Track and Field Day seems pretty straightforward. It is also a lot cheaper than using tons of vinyl banners (though I’m not going to talk you out of a huge sale). Use your lawn signs for directional purposes like pointing people towards the water station and marking competitive events. 


Naomi Myrick

Marketing Generalist

Naomi is a content creator and marketing generalist at She has a diverse background in sales and customer service, but her real passion has always been writing. She is originally from Minneapolis, MN. and is a recent transplant to central MN. Naomi enjoys fishing, hiking and loves hockey. 


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