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Field & Plot Signs - Custom Yard Signs for Agriculture

Field and Plot Signs |

Order Custom Square Cut or Shape Cut Signs for Field and Plot Signs

Sow your advertising seeds with our custom Field and Plot signs. Many families, out for a Sunday drive, find themselves gawking at fields of magnificent crops and wonder what kind of seeds are those? Market your harvest to everyone with our field signs! 

Our custom agriculture signage is an excellent way to share a co-sponsorship or market a small business co-op. These signs are also a pragmatic way to keep track of what you’ve planted and where—or mark that odd crop circle that keeps showing up.

These signs are made from tough corrugated plastic and use solid metal frames, so they won’t buckle in the wind. Think of them as hardy plastic business cards for your corn, beans and alfalfa plants.

Plot Sign Sample
Plot Sign Samples |

Display Options

Your signs can be displayed using H Stakes and Beefy Stakes, not to be confused with beef steaks.

Customization Options

We have several different sizes available. The most common size is 18" x 24" with a square cut finish. Shape cut signs are also available, however, we strongly recommend consulting a graphic designer for this option—our expert customer service team will make sure the file is properly set up. 

Yard signs are available single sided or double sided for optimal visibility. They are printed with a 1/2 inch white edge on all sides. This creates a clean aesthetic for your design.

To begin your sign creation, simply select a design template, upload a file or work with our friendly and knowledgeable graphic designers:


Step 1 - Choose Size and Quantity

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Step 2 - Choose Add-Ons

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Share Your Message With A Custom Yard Sign

** All signs over 32" x 48" or any sign where the H + W is 81 inches or greater are automatically scored and folded. To score your coroplast signs, we cut through the top layer of the yard sign without cutting through the entire piece. The sign is then folded into an optimal fit to meet shipping guidelines. **

** If you don't want your yard signs to be scored and folded please visit our oversized flat shipping page or contact one of our customer service representatives at: 320-391-5300. **

** Please note: When ordering yard signs with different designs, text, imagery, etc., these signs will be priced and processed as 1 sign per design. **

Custom yard signs are a versatile promotional tool most commonly displayed in front lawns for business advertising, political promotion, real estate showings, and yard sales. Lawn signs are perfect for so many different events because they’re lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive when compared to other signage options. They’re also incredibly effective at sharing a quick message with passing cars and pedestrians.

Here at, we want to make designing, ordering, and displaying your yard sign easy. That’s why we offer free online templates, an intuitive online designer and real-time tracking for your order. You can also add wire installation stakes to your order to accommodate your single or double-sided yard sign.

Get started on your order for professionally designed and manufactured yard signs today.

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Do you provide samples?

We provide basic sample packets so you can experience many of our popular materials up close and personal before making an order. Fill out a request form to request these samples.

If I need design assistance, then how do I contact your graphic design team?

Our expert and friendly customer service team is happy to assist you. They are available Monday-Friday 8-5pm CST. Contact a representative by calling (320) 391-5300 or Toll Free at 866-419-7446.

Are these field signs weatherproof?

Corrugated plastic is well-known as a water-proof material and that’s why so many people use lawn signs for sales or political campaigns—they can take it! Barring a tornado or hurricane or other acts of God, your signs should hold up just swell against the elements.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Because zero isn’t really a number, and we also wouldn’t make any money, the minimum amount you can order is one single sign. Just be aware that we do offer a bulk discount so the more your order the more you save!




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