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Music Flags - Custom Fabric Flags

Custom Music Fabric Flags |

Quickly design and order customized flags for your music events or business!

Create a vibrant and high-quality flag that features your love for music, and showcases everything from 80’s hair band inspiration to advertising piano lessons! Crafted with durable materials, these music flags are built to withstand the outdoor elements, allowing you to proudly display your musical flair at festivals, concerts, your business, or your own backyard. Let your musical passion soar high with a captivating music flag, and add a harmonious touch to any setting.

Get started on your design today! 

Browse through our templates and pick one to customize. You can add photos, clip art, text, and other design elements to your music flags. You can also upload a print ready file or work with a graphic designer. Our custom flags are printed in full, vibrant CMYK color! Try pairing a custom vinyl banner with your flag to boost your brand’s visibility. Begin your order today!


Get started on your flag by selecting your option below:

  • Select your flags height and width from the drop downs
  • Select the quantity of fabric flags
  • Choose your flag options - flag fabrics and flags finishing options
  • Choose your Design Method:
    • Pick a Template - browse through our template library, or start from scratch with a blank template
    • Upload a File - upload your own print ready file
    • Let Us Design - have one of our graphic designers design a custom flag for you
Custom Printed Music Fabric Flag |
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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are these fabric flags made from?

The fabric material that we use for music flags is a polyester-nylon blend. They are printed using a dye-sublimation process that cures the ink right into the material itself. This creates long-lasting, permanent, vibrant colors for your flag and offers many advantages, including the ability to produce intricate, full-color designs with excellent color accuracy and sharpness. This printing process results in impressive graphic art that is durable and resistant to fading.

Can I order a double-sided flag?

Yes, we offer a single-reverse flag design that will flip or reverse the image on the opposite side. We also offer double-sided flag printing, which allows your text to be readable on both sides.

Single-Reverse Flag Versus a Double-Sided Flag

How should I hang my flag?

We recommend buying some flag hanging clips with your music flag for easy hanging! They provide a simple and sturdy design that ensures the flag stays in place, even in windy conditions. Secondly, hanging clips make it easy to adjust the position of the flag. Additionally, they help prevent tangling or twisting of the flag when it is flying in the wind.

Check out our video on YouTube on "How to Hang A Fabric Flag" for more information!

What is the lifespan of your 3x5 flags?

With proper care and installation, our custom-made flags have an outdoor life span of 3 to 6 months. We do, however, recommend that you take your flag down and store it indoors during inclement weather to help increase its lifespan.

What other kinds of flags do you offer?

We offer many different types of flags for many different purposes. We have Standard 3 x 5 Flags, as well as other banner flag options such as Teardrop Flags, and Feather Flags.

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