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How to Install Wall Graphics

It's easy to install wall graphics. For step by step instructions, watch this video:

1. Clean Your Surface

Wipe your surface and make sure your surface is dry before you start

2. Secure with Tape

Tape the vinyl graphic in place on each end and measure from multiple sides to ensure that it is symmetrical or angled how you prefer

3. Tape in Place

Once you are satisfied with the position, apply another piece of tape across the top of the vinyl graphic

4. Remove Paper Backing

With the tape functioning as a hinge, flip the vinyl graphic around and carefully remove the paper backing from the transfer material

5. Apply the Graphic

With the graphic in place, apply pressure with a credit card. Working from the center out to the edge, evenly force the air from beneath the image. Be sure to press the edges firmly in place.

6. Remove Tape

Remove the tape from the top of the graphic. Now carefully peel away the transfer material

7. Step Back and Appreciate Your Work!

If you are going to be applying large wall graphics, please watch this video for different types of wall graphic installations. 

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