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How to Install a Die-Cut Decal

Installing a die-cut decal is a snap! You can do it in just 9 easy steps. 



Die-Cut Decal Installation Steps


Step One. Gather Reccomended Tools

These are the tools that we suggest using:

  • Your decal
  • Light cleaning solution, we recommend warm soapy water.
  • Paper Towels
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Squeegee. Our partner,, has a great application Squeegee. You can also use a credit card or small, flat, hard edged object.


Step Two: Clean & Dry the Surface

Use warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. Next, take a paper towel and dry off the surface. Make sure there isn't any debris left behind.  

Step Three: Tape Your Decal to the Surface

Use a peice of masking tape as a temporary adhesive to hold your decal in place, sort of like a hinge. 

Step Four: Level & Measure the Decal

Once you have the decal secured to the surface, use a line of text as a place to measure from. Then level off the decal.

Step Five: Peel & Cut 

Peel back and cut off the bottom half of the vinyl decal backing. 

Step Six: Apply Decal to the Surface

Using your squeegee object, press and apply the decal to the surface beginning on one side and working your way in a zig-zag pattern to the other side. To avoid bubbles, take your time pressing on the decal.

Step Seven: Removing the Tape Hinge 

When the decal is smooth and bubble free, delicately remove the masking tape hinge. 

Step Eight: Peel off Top Half of Backing

Now, gently peel off the top half of the backing.

Step Nine: Press and Apply the Top Half

Using your squeegee object, press and use pressure to slowly apply thetop half of your decal to the surface with the same zig-zag motion as you did before.

You are finished! Enjoy your new decal! 




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