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Help wanted signs are a great way to advertise open positions at your company. Whether you are looking for full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal help, help wanted and now hiring signs are a low-cost way to advertise job openings. The corrugated plastic material we use for our help wanted signs is durable enough to handle heat and moisture so you don't have to worry about your signs being ruined by rain.


Customize your help wanted signs any way you'd like - add pictures, graphics, and as much information as you want - or say “we’re hiring” with a simple and straightforward sign. We have 15 different sizes of yard signs to choose from so whatever your signage needs are, has you covered! You can also check out our Help Wanted Banners and Mesh Banners for additional signage options. Click here if you would like a yard sign sample packet mailed to you.

Get started on your Help Wanted sign by selecting a design option below:

  • Select your yard sign size from the drop down menu
  • Select the quantity of yard signs
  • Choose 1/2" White Edge (standard) or Full Bleed (color to edge of print)
  • Choose either a single sided yard sign or a double sided yard sign
  • Add any yard sign accessories (Beefy Stakes, 10x15 H Stakes or 10x30 H Stakes)
  • Choose your Design Method:
    1. Pick a Template - select a template that is already built to customize, or select a blank template
    2. Upload a File - upload your own print ready file
    3. Let Us Design - have one of our graphic designers design a yard sign for you
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Share Your Message With A Custom Yard Sign

** All signs over 32" x 48" or any sign where the H + W is 81 inches or greater are automatically scored and folded. To score your coroplast signs, we cut through the top layer of the yard sign without cutting through the entire piece. The sign is then folded into an optimal fit to meet shipping guidelines. **

If you don't want your yard signs to be scored and folded please visit our oversized flat shipping page or contact one of our customer service representatives at: 320-391-5300.

Custom yard signs are a versatile promotional tool most commonly displayed in front lawns for business advertising, political promotion, real estate showings, and yard sales. Lawn signs are perfect for so many different events because they’re lightweight, easy to install, and inexpensive when compared to other signage options. They’re also incredibly effective at sharing a quick message with passing cars and pedestrians.

Here at, we want to make designing, ordering, and displaying your yard sign easy. That’s why we offer free online templates, an intuitive online designer and real-time tracking for your order. You can also add wire installation stakes to your order to accommodate your single or double-sided yard sign.

Get started on your order for professionally designed and manufactured yard signs today.

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Let the world know how great it is to work for your business. Create your own custom help wanted sign for both part time and full time positions. We digitally print all our help wanted signs on a durable, weather-resistant 4 mm corrugated plastic material. This material is lightweight, versatile, and cost-effective, making it a perfect sign option for recruitment

When ordering custom help wanted signs at, you can choose a variety of size and design options such as a single or double-sided print, full-bleed or 1/2” white border around the edge of your sign. You can also choose to add wire stakes or grommets depending on how you want to display your sign. All of these options will help you find the right look for your yard sign.

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What are Help Wanted Signs?

A help wanted sign is a yard sign that is designed with the intention to recruit new employees. Many of these signs are used by businesses right outside of their location. These yard signs can have typical “Now Hiring” messages, but can also be customized with your business’s logo or any type of custom content. Using physical advertising for recruitment can yield better results than most would expect. You can target local talent that is well qualified in a cheap, reusable fashion!

What Material are your Help Wanted Signs Made of? 

We print our yard signs on a 4 mm corrugated plastic material. This plastic is similar to corrugated cardboard with hollow flutes running the length of the plastic. These flutes give the corrugated plastic its strength and durability while still allowing them to be lightweight. We have many other types of signs made from the same materials on our Custom Signs page.

What are the Standard Sizes for Help Wanted Signs?

The most common sizes for yard signs are 12” x 18” and 18” x 24”, but we offer a variety of lawn sign sizes that range from 12” x 12” to 48” x 96”.

Top 5 Reasons to use Help Wanted Signage

  1. Targets local talent only
  2. Cheap alternative to boosting ads on sites such as or ZipRecruiter
  3. Most recruits will likely be customers, so they will already have product knowledge
  4. Can be reused whenever recruitment is necessary
  5. Give’s businesses the opportunity to meet applicants before an interview

Do your yard signs come with stakes?

Absolutely! You can choose to add wire stakes for an additional cost, but you can also order your lawn signs with no stakes and grommets in each corner if you intend to hang your signs instead of placing them into the ground.

Installation & Product Care FAQs

How do I Install my Yard Signs?

Installation of custom yard signs is extremely easy as the sign itself is lightweight and the wire stakes are designed to easily insert into your lawn. To get started, take your wire stake and insert it into the flutes of your lawn sign, then insert the stakes into the ground at the desired height you wish for your yard sign to be displayed at.

10 Ways to Make your Help Wanted Signs More Effective

Now that you have decided to create your own help wanted sign, there are several things to keep in mind before you stick it in the dirt. Here are several ways to make your help wanted yard sign work better and how to avoid scaring the talent away.

  1. You Must AT LEAST Create Artwork that is Visually Appealing
    • Make sure that your help wanted sign doesn’t have a “cheap” look. This can potentially harm your ability to hire new applicants. This is because when most people look at a “Now Hiring” sign that has lazy or visually unappealing artwork, they typically think that it looks desperate and nobody wants to work there. For your help wanted sign, you want your intended audience to take away the fact that you take good care of all your employees (bonus points for letting them know about any advancement opportunities).
  2. Funnel your Intended Audience to your Internet Job Post
    • Create a help wanted sign that directs your intended audience to your job posting on the internet. This takes the eyes of all passersby in out-of-home advertising and the customization of internet advertising to create an amazing funnel that will guarantee more applicants. Just make sure the sign is visually appealing enough to cement the idea that you take the time to create a good environment for your employees.
  3. Be Aware of your Messaging
    • Messaging is among the most important parts of a help wanted sign. It is the thing that will make potential recruits think they will be valued and respected. There are many kinds of messages that will attract qualified applicants and there are many types of messages that will deter qualified applicants. So, the messaging for your recruitment sign should take HIGH priority.
  4. Use Local References
    • Being that you are using a physical sign to recruit, you can easily target people in the community. Everyone loves a good local reference and it can create a sense of community. And what do we do for people in our own community? We find common ground to help each other on.
  5. Sell Them on the OPPORTUNITY
    • What do QUALIFIED applicants truly consider when they are making a career decision? Opportunity! Nobody with a good work ethic will want to land a dead-end job, so make sure that your messaging includes career growth opportunities.
  6. Get Creative with It
    • We all know the overused and plain “Now Hiring” or “Help Wanted” signs. We’ve seen them hanging from the same businesses for YEARS. And we still have never felt like running in and applying. That is because if the potential recruit doesn’t feel like you are taking the time and energy to come up with anything more creative than those four words, then why should they?
  7. Target the Right People
    • Say someone is looking for a job as a manager and you are the owner of a restaurant that is in need of an evening supervisor. Which of the following two options would do better for this potential recruit. The first is to display an ad outside your building that simply says “Help Wanted”. The second option is to display a similar ad, only this one says “Help Wanted: Leadership positions included”. In all reality, the applicant would almost certainly go for the second option. Unfortunately with the first option, it would only make the applicant think the restaurant needs wait staff or cooks.
  8. Rotate your Signage
    • Those businesses that have had the same “Now Hiring” sign outside of their location are unlikely to ever get an applicant that wouldn’t have applied anyway. And that is because the longer your help wanted sign stays outside your business, the more it will blend into the environment. Having a couple signs to rotate through will keep your business in the mind of all those passing by.
  9. Location, Location, Location
    • We all have heard how important location is for business, that same principle can be applied to the recruiting side of business. If you display a “Now Hiring” ad for a plumbing business outside of a nail salon, you are unlikely to get any applicants. So, be very aware of the locations you are targeting to find qualified talent.
  10. Create a Sense of Urgency
    • If the qualified talent believes they have all the time in the world to apply for your position, they will likely wait until they have applied to the ones they don’t. So use urgent messaging to encourage your applicants to apply ASAP. Use phrases that will drive them to act such as; “Apply Today” or “Don’t Hesitate”. But since some of your best possible recruits are likely busier than others, make sure you include a link to your online application as well.

Where Should I Put my Help Wanted Sign?

Our help wanted signs are best displayed directly outside of your business in full view of the cars driving on the road. The most effective location to display the sign outside your business is the cleanest and most intriguing side of your business. Consider when a potential recruit sees your help wanted sign. The recruit’s eyes go straight from the help wanted sign to the front of your building or your business’s sign. So, make sure that your storefront inspires interest and is welcoming, otherwise, they could go elsewhere.


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