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Canopy Tent Sandbags

Got a windy day ahead? Prepare yourself by bringing along your small yet mighty allies – sandbags! These sandbags help to both stabilize and secure canopy tents.

Adding natural weight, these sandbags will help to better ground your tent, ensuring that the pesky wind will have a harder time trying to move your tent. Sandbags are dependable anchors, keeping the canopy tent steady against the elements whether at a busy business event, beach party, or weekend camping trip. These subtle weighted bags have a straightforward but efficient construction that provides stability, preventing the tent from being blown over by high winds or unexpected guests.

Rely on this tried and true practical solution for wind gusts, and keep your beautiful canopy tent firmly grounded and your outdoor experience hassle-free.

Canopy Tent Sand Bags
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are sandbags used with this canopy tent?

These sandbags have a strap attached so that you can choose to hang them onto the legs of your tent, or, place them near the bottom of the poles where it will restrict back-and-forth movement for the tent legs. The purpose of these sandbags are to help you stabilize your tent in windy conditions.

Do these bags come with sand?

No — these bags do not include the sand that you will need to fill them due to the very heavy weight required to ship. We recommend filling these with your own preferred sand upon arrival.

How much do these sand bags weigh?

These sandbags have a fill capacity of 19lbs. of sand (each). When using all four sand bags at full capacity, these sand bags will add approximately 76lbs. of stabilizing weight.

Can I use the sandbags under all weather conditions?

Yes! You can use the sandbags in adverse weather conditions in order to help ground your tent. In events of extreme weather, the tent and sandbags should be brought inside — versus being utilized outdoors — for your safety.

How long will these sandbags last?

Generally, sandbags can last for several years if stored properly and not subjected to significant wear and tear. 

How many sandbags will be adequate to hold down my tent?

This depends greatly on the wind that you are experiencing, but 4 sandbags (one sandbag on each leg of your tent) should be the perfect amount of weight to hold down and secure your tent.

Are there any recommended placement techniques for maximum stability?

If you are having strong wind gusts from one particular direction, ensure that you are prioritizing the sandbags on the legs of the canopy that are facing inwards to the wind. This will help to ensure that the wind is not able to push your tent upwards.

Placing sandbags on the ground where the legs of the tent meet the floor/ground is a great way to ensure that the legs cannot move and will stay stable. The lower your sandbags are placed, the less likely your legs will move or adjust with windy conditions. The higher you place the sandbags will help to bring the center of gravity of your tent downward to eliminate any shakiness or swaying from the canopy.

Can I use more than one sandbag on each canopy leg?

You can use more than one sandbag on each leg of your canopy tent, but do keep in mind that you’ll want weight distributed evenly amongst all of the legs of your tent. If you choose to put more than one sandbag on each leg, be sure to check that there is an even amount of weight distributed on all sides of your tent for optimal stability.

Can these sandbags be easily washed if they are dirty or muddy?

Yes! One simple way to clean these is by placing them into a bucket of warm, soapy water and letting them soak. This will help to release any dirt that is built up on the outside or inside of the sandbag. Then, allow them to dry out. 

It is not a good idea to place these in your washer or dryer. Because sandbags are made to be an added weight, your laundry machine may not be rated for washing them as it may cause damage to either your machine, or the sandbags themselves.

Is there an alternative to using sandbags?

Yes! If you are looking for an alternative to sandbags, you are also able to use a rope and stake kit (included with your full canopy tent kit purchase) to tie down your tent and secure it to the ground.


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