CMYK Color Mixes for Printing Banners |

CMYK Color Mixes for Printing Banners

Vinyl banners are digitally printed in full color using the CMYK color mix. It is important that your Adobe Illustrator files and Adobe Photoshop files are converted to CMYK before you submit your artwork to ensure that your colors come out correctly. Some colors will look good on your computer, but they will print different. To ensure that your colors turn out correct, we have put together a list of some common CMYK color mixes that print well on vinyl banners.

Dark Blue CMYK Colors for Print

CMYK Dark Blue Colors for Print

96-66-0-0, 100-90-4-12,100-91-7-32, 100-82-0-2, 100-90-13-61

Light Blue CMYK Colors for Print

Light Blue CMYK Colors for Print

60-0-4-0, 79-0-6-5, 87-1-0-0, 61-7-0-0, 32-6-0-0

Purple CMYK Colors for Print

Purple CMYK colors for Print

76-99-0-0, 78-94-0-0, 48-70-0-0
69-100-1-5, 73-98-0-3, 84-100-0-4

Bright Red CMYK Colors for Print

Bright Red CMYK Colors for Print

0-93-95-0, 0-88-80-0, 0-98-90-2
0-88-84-0 0-100-90-5, 0-88-80-0

Light Gray CMYK Colors for Print

Light Gray CMYK Colors for Print

5-6-10-14, 5-9-10-13, 8-9-14-24
10-13-16-29, 6-4-7-11, 12-8-9-21

Dark Gray CMYK Colors for Print

Dark Gray CMYK Colors for Print

27-39-30-70, 23-29-32-67, 19-31-26-58
53-58-45-87, 40-30-22-60

Maroon CMYK Colors for Print

Maroon CMYK Colors for Print

14-88-42-56, 7-100-85-32, 14-94-36-60
12-95-59-54, 5-100-71-22, 7-100-54-36

Gold CMYK Colors for Print

Gold CMYK Colors for Print

0-32-66-0, 7-55-100-34, 0-27-100-0, 0-35-70-0
5-46-100-21, 3-36-100-6, 0-45-69-0

Green CMYK Colors for Print

Green CMYK Colors for Print

83-16-83-54, 78-2-98-9, 96-0-88-1, 75-0-100-0, 95-0-90-0

Basic CMYK Colors for Print

Basic CMYK Colors for Printing Banners